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City/Cité: The Art of Metropolitan Trails 

Fourth Ward 505 N Angier Ane NE, Atlanta

Exhibition Free and Open to the public Exhibition created by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, 2020. From Bordeaux to Boston, Istanbul, Milan, Marseille, and beyond, metropolitan trails have generated a new creative space that lies at the crossroads of urban planning, art, tourism, and environmentalism. Mixing the urban with the cultural, these projects involve many […]


City/Cité: Where the rivers meet

Fourth Ward 505 N Angier Ane NE, Atlanta

Exhibition Free and open to the public The rediscovery of urban rivers is part of a global movement to reclaim territories and nature in the city, made possible by the practice of walking. The exhibition presents photographic explorations of the Flint River (Atlanta) with Virginie Drujon-Kippelen and the Aygalades River (Marseille) with Geoffroy Mathieu, as […]

City/Cité: Terrestrial Cities

Fourth Ward 505 N Angier Ane NE, Atlanta

Conference If cities are partly responsible for the ecological crisis, they can also become a lever for solving  it. Municipalities are well-positionned to implement changes. Starting from the notion of "terrestrial cities", this series of talks invites experts from Marseille and Atlanta to share initiatives and strategies with the public. What should the sustainable cities of […]

City/Cité: Walking on Earth: Designing a Metropolitan Trail in Atlanta 

Fourth Ward 505 N Angier Ane NE, Atlanta

Talk $ 75 (as part of Creative Futures Conference) This event is part of the Creative Futures Conference 5 days of studio work and field explorations to imagine a metropolitan trail in Atlanta. Along rivers, through forests, from urban farms to cultural venues, across parkways and railway tracks, how do we imagine and design a cultural […]

City/Cité: Walking on Earth: Public Walk

FREE Come along for this urban hike through the South River watershed as we imagine a radical new kind of trail experience for Atlanta—a path devised to experience the culturally rich and ecologically diverse tapestry of the city on foot. Led by metro Atlanta natives Hannah Palmer and Carley Rickles, with partners from Marseille (France), Alexandre Field, Paul-Hervé Lavessière, Geoffroy Mathieu, […]

Addressing the Climate Crisis from Atlanta to the World:  A Global Urgency that Demands Locally-Led Multi-Lateral Responses

Goizueta Business School Room W525 1300 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta

Panel Discussion Lunch will be provided- Parking Passes will be provided.Virtual/Zoom Webinar option available for attendees. Impacts of the climate crisis are being felt in localities across the globe, magnifying long-standing vulnerabilities, inequities, and conflicts. Effective resilience is not about maintaining the status quo. It entails transforming our relationships with nature, people, things, and money […]