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Ethics and Governance of Data and AI: International Perspectives


March 20 All day

A fundamental challenge posed by the wide range of AI and data-sharing regulatory proposals occurring at different governance levels in Europe, Canada, and the US is finding ways to maintain innovation and ethical accountability simultaneously. How do we create a robust, safe, and responsible international AI regulatory system? How will concerns about interoperability among international regulatory systems play out? Should we advocate for the “Brussels Effect,” which is a process of unilateral regulatory globalization that participating firms trading internationally might all adopt? Or will the “Brussels Effect” be rejected because it threatens to stifle innovation and imposes “unreasonable” compliance costs? Alternatively, if robust innovation with only “soft” regulation is preferred, will acceptable ethical standards be maintained during data-sharing processes? Ethical standards should be minimally based on risk, harm, and human rights, but achieving optimal applications for each might prove difficult, especially when return-on-investment expectations are prioritized. Alternatively, might the risk of reputational loss or potential litigation involving the absence of accountability or transparency spur a heightened interest in adopting global regulatory frameworks?

This conference is an opportunity to work on the most recent developments, highlight the different approaches, exchange knowledge of best practices, and reflect on organizing regulatory or technological interoperability at the international level.

This conference, free and open to all, is organized by the Emory Center for Ethics, France-Atlanta, the Service for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France, the Dutch Consulate in Atlanta, and the Ministry for International Relations and Francophonie in Quebec. The program features reflections and thoughts about the challenges raised by data sharing posed by the diversity of international regulatory and policy responses to AI ethical risks.