Proteins of the Future

In a context of ecological and climate crisis, population growth makes even more pressing the need to produce new food sources that are less resource intensive, such as alternative proteins.


Ethical Management of AI: A European-American dialogue

The power of AI is such that it may jeopardize what it means to be human and whether people retain freedom of choice. AI might reshape the relationship between humans and technology in society. The ethical issues emerging from AI are complex and quickly evolving. What follows is that identifying and implementing appropriate solutions can be difficult.


Transatlantic Tech Success

Synergies between Atlanta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and France’s tech scene are developing at an unprecedented rate, especially following the accreditation of French Tech Atlanta in April 2021. A new generation of transatlantic ventures is expected to flourish in the coming years.


FinTech Trends in the Southeast: Alternative Payment Methods

Georgia is the epicenter of FinTech, with 70% of all U.S. transactions handled by payment processing firms located in Georgia. The state’s “Transaction Alley” is comprised of 170+ FinTech companies, which generate annual revenue of over $72 billion. As one industry veteran notes, “, if you don’t engage Georgia you’re going to hit a wall […]