FinTech Trends in the Southeast: Alternative Payment Methods

Our conference featuring experts from both sides of the Atlantic will discuss FinTech trends in the Southeast & collaboration with France. The FinTech industry is one of Georgia's most important and fastest-growing sectors. Metro Atlanta’s FinTech sector, which now rivals that of London, New York and Zurich, is home to global giants like NCR, Worldpay, […]

Proteins of the Future

A discussion on plant and synthetic proteins: research, environmental impact, ethics, etc. In a context of ecological and climate crisis, population growth makes even more pressing the need to produce new food sources that are less resource intensive, such as alternative proteins. During this seminar, French and American researchers and entrepreneurs from the agri-food sector […]


Ethical Management of AI: A French-American Dialogue

Second-annual conference on the ethics of AI Artificial intelligence (AI) models are now capable of collecting and analyzing enormous datasets in ways that are challenging fundamental values embraced within Europe and the United States. Holding much promise in terms of increased productivity, efficiency and quality time, AI programs and algorithms could function as an assistant, […]