Follow-up Symposium on Regenerative Cardiology

Where: CHU Toulouse-Rangueil (France)
When: To be determined in 2012

Doctors and surgeons from Saint Joseph Translational Research Institute and the Toulouse-Rangueil Hospital, who met within the framework of "France-Atlanta 2010," will organize a return symposium to discuss new developments in their field of interest.

Regenerative cardiology studies the genetic, molecular and cellular basis of the growth, maintenance and regeneration of the adult cardiovascular system. It concerns:
1) the understanding of the biology and regenerative potential of cardiac and other adult stem cells that contribute to these processes;

2) the dysregulation of these homeostatic mechanisms, which contributes to tissue senescence and the origin and progression of cardiovascular disease. The major challenge for regenerative medicine is to translate knowledge into therapeutic interventions that can reverse the damage generated by disease.