Transatlantic Tech Perspectives: Transformative French Tech communities in the Southeast

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Atlanta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has grown exponentially in recent years, particularly in the fields of healthcare, fintech, and digital security and entertainment, among others. Not only is Atlanta home to multiple Fortune 500 companies and the world’s busiest airport, the city and more generally, the U.S. Southeast offer multiple advantages to entrepreneurs through a unique network of universities, incubators, accelerators, mentors, and venture capital. As France continues to rise as home to one the most competitive entrepreneurial platforms in Europe and the world, synergies between France and the Southeast are crucial for fostering a new generation of transatlantic tech innovators that will lead and shape the future. In this context, French Tech communities will definitely play a key role in creating cooperation channels between France and the region.

This event is organized by the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States and the French-American Chamber of Commerce – Atlanta, with the support of the community of French and Francophile tech entrepreneurs in Atlanta.
October 29, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.