The Education Revolution: Brand new world or simply a better one for every individual?

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The French Foreign Trade Advisors for the U.S. Southeast are hosting a series of webinars on major transatlantic trends, showcasing experts from both France and the United States.

The health and economic crises engendered by COVID-19 have accelerated profound changes that began several years ago.They highlighted the societal and structural problems of growing inequalities, access to education and the growing mismatch between the available workforce and new professional and technical needs. College degrees, once seen as the panacea and an unquestionable investment, are being increasingly challenged by alternative credentials and modular learning activities. At the same time, a growing percentage of the population is at risk of being permanently unemployed as their occupations are being made obsolete, threatened by AI/automation and/or offshoring. Could those millions of individuals be the response to the shortage of qualified candidates experienced by large technology corporations and more generally unfilled STEM roles? How do we re-skill a large number of motivated and committed individuals at a reasonable cost and speed? In the past few years, the Ed Tech revolution has enabled unprecedented flexibility, personalized learning, high engagement at minimal cost. Come and join us to hear from those of leaders, from both France and Atlanta, each contributing and collaborating, to solve dramatic societal issues and give hope and a bright future to thousands of Atlanta residents and global citizens.

– Moderator: Iwan Streichenberger, former President of Pearson Online Learning
Christelle Cuenin, Associate Director, Career Coaching and Education at INSEAD and Georgia Tech MBA alumni
Pierre Dubuc, co-founder and CEO of OpenClassrooms
Steve Harmon, associate dean of research in Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), interim executive director of the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U), and as a professor at the Georgia Tech College of Design

October 20, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. E.T.


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