Film Screenings | Night Replay & Reconstitution of a Hunting Scene

[clear]A Special Evening with Eléonore Weber and Patricia Allio

The films, Night Replay, produced in 2012 by the French author and filmmaker Eléonore Weber, and Reconstitution of a Hunting Scene, produced in 2019 by the French artist and author Patricia Allio, are two documentaries at the intersection between fiction and reality that reconstruct a role-play. These films, which have been presented at various festivals in France and abroad (Belfort Film Festival, Hors Pistes – Centre Pompidou in Paris, CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, and IMDb in Montreal), have never before been presented in the United States.

Night Replay (France, 85 min.): Every Saturday evening, in a Mexican village located 1,500 kilometers from the U.S. border, tourists are offered a unique experience, a role-play imagined by the villagers: Caminata nocturna. The tourists play the role of illegal migrants and the villagers play the role of smugglers, drug traffickers and border police agents. This curious tourist activity, which inspired Eléonore Weber and Patricia Allio’s theatrical creation in France, is at the center of this documentary film.

Reconstruction of a Hunting Scene (France, 35 min.): For 40 years, the French artist and writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet – as the dominatrix persona Jeanne De Berg – has organized mysterious women’s ceremonies. This documentary film explores one of the most peculiar and extraordinary ceremonies, the hunt. Far from a stereotypical conception of BDSM, the film presents the dialectical complexity of a nonstandard relationship of desire.

This event is co-organized by the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the United States and the Plaza Theatre.

NOVEMBER 14, 7:30 P.M.

LOCATION : Creative Media Industries Institute, 3rd Floor, 25 Park Pl NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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Illustration : © Emmanuel Valette, Centre Pompidou, 2016, tournage “Symptôme et proposition”.