“To Dare. Cultures, Sustainability” | Exhibition & Lecture with Architect Philippe Madec

Architect and Urban Planner Philippe Madec © Atelierphilippemadec


One of the world’s leading figures in sustainable and eco-responsible architecture,  Philippe Madec presented his work in an introductory lecture at Georgia Tech’s School of Architecture.


During his visit, which was accompanied by a special exhibit of his work, Madec discussed the future of architecture in relation to today’s current environmental challenges, raising such important questions as:

  • What role does the environment play in 21st century architecture? How do unseen economic, ecological, social and cultural factors affect the search for progress and the right balance between man and the environment in contemporary societies?


Monday, November 2, 2015 – 6:00pm. to 7:00p.m.
(Followed by an opening reception)
Georgia Tech College of Architecture, Auditorium

245 4th St. NW, Atlanta, GA., 30332



Monday, November 2 to Friday, November 13, 2015
(Opening reception on November 2 at 7:00pm.)
Georgia Tech College of Architecture, Stubbins Gallery
245 4th St. NW, Atlanta, GA., 30332



An architect and urban planner by trade, Philippe Madec is a humanist at heart. Engaged in the fight for sustainable development very early on, his conception of urban and architectural work has revolved around environmental awareness from the beginning of his practice. His work, centered on an ecologically responsible approach, also reflects upon the social, economic and human factors involved in sustainable architecture, and upon our duty to future generations to create a “benevolent” architecture that seeks to “welcome life in the best possible way”.

As an architect, he has conceived a wide range of buildings such as social and industrial housing, museums, educational and cultural amenities, water towers, individual homes, etc. As an urban planner, Madec has worked on very different scales from villages (mainly in France) to eco-cities (participation in the“Eco-city Zenata” project, Casablanca, Morocco).

“EcoQuartiers / EcoCités des Noés”, Val-de-Reuil (France)

Contrary to modern architects whose goal is to reconcile architectural design with technology and modernization (19th-20th century), contemporary architects hold on to an organic view of architecture and an ecological vision of society (an important theme in contemporary architecture). An advocate for environmental quality, Madec believes in an architecture that is coherent with its environment and blends in with it.

Philippe Madec has also been involved in France’s public policy for architecture and has held positions as an Expert for the Grenelle of Environment, a Member of the National Council for Cities and Territories of Art and History, a Scientific consultant of PUCA (French Urban Development Construction and Architecture plan), a Member of the National Jury of “EcoQuartiers / EcoCités” (see photo to the right).

As a professor of architecture, Madec has taught in universities worldwide (Columbia University, the National School of Landscape Architecture in Versailles, the University of Montreal, Harvard University) and has also lectured extensively on sustainable development, eco-responsible architecture and urban planning, history, pedagogy and theory of architecture, and landscape architecture.

In 2000, he created the first French Department of Education on Sustainable Architecture, « Strategy for a Sustainable and fair Development » at the National School of Architecture in Lyon, in partnership with engineering schools. Among many national and international awards, Philippe Madec received the prestigious international GLOBAL AWARD FOR SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE in 2012.

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