Review: Tanz Farm’s “Time For Us” seldom delves beneath its edgy and beautiful surface

By George Staib – ArtsATL
November 3, 2015

Last weekend, Atlanta’s Goat Farm Arts Center opened its doors to the inaugural performance of the 2015-16 season of Tanz Farm. Laurie Stallings and Anthony Harper, curators for the annual series, continue to infuse the local contemporary arts scene with work that has as much global impact as it has edgy merit.

Leading the way is Fabien Prioville and Azusa Seyama’s duet Time for Us, presented in partnership with France-Atlanta. The performance marked the work’s American debut. With an enviable connection to Pina Bausch and Tanztheater Wuppertal, of which Seyama is a current member, the two recognize that they have high expectations to meet. Time for Us is Prioville and Seyama’s first co-choreographed duet, though they are married and have worked together professionally for years.

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