Raising Awareness among Local Students about NGO Work in French-Speaking Countries

Many students take language classes as a school requirement for graduation, without fully grasping the benefits of what foreign language skills can offer for their career futures.


The French language is spoken on 5 continents in over 77 countries and territories around the world. As a result, many non-government organizations (NGOs) use the French language on a regular basis for their humanitarian work in Asia, the Caribbean and Africa in particular.


From October 16-30, representatives from local NGOs will share their field experience with students of French from participating Metro Atlanta high schools and universities. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about current humanitarian issues that are being addressed by these organizations and discover new ways to use the French language in a professional setting.


When: October 16-30, 2014

Where: Participating high schools and universities in Metro Atlanta

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This France-Atlanta 2014 event is organized and made possible with the help of our partners: