Global Atlanta – Toulouse-Atlanta: Ties that Bind

Phil Bolton – Global Atlanta
November 18, 2013

As unemployment rates continued to plagueEurope, the city of Toulouse experienced the highest job creation in France, according to Eric Tardieu, chief executive officer of the city’s economic development agency.

“We didn’t know that an economic crisis existed thanks to Airbus that sells so many planes it has to hire 1,000 new employees every year,” Mr. Tardieu told Global Atlanta without elaborating on the condition of those without the academic and professional credentials sought by the city’s growing economic sectors.

He was in Atlanta to speak at an aerospace engineering and life science workshop of the France Atlanta 2013 – Together Towards Innovation program,  the fourth year of an ongoing series featuring French-American partnerships in science, economics, culture and humanitarian work.

During the Oct. 28 interview, he extolled Toulouse’s prospects for the future and underscored the opportunities underlying the sister city relationship with Atlanta, established by Mayor Maynard Jackson in 1975.

Toulouse has 120,000 university students, making it the No. 1 student center in France outside of Paris. It has an extensive mix of companies and research centers in a variety of industries including aerospace, biosciences, cancer research and automobiles. It also has a lively arts scene driven by its diverse residents.

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