Global Atlanta: The Future of MOOCs on Both Sides of the Atlantic

by Marcus K. Garner – Global Atlanta
October 28, 2014

Continuing innovations in technology around the world are bound to make massive open on-line courses, so-called MOOCs, more sustainable than traditional college and university system campus offerings.

But how soon remains in doubt, according to U.S. and French educators participating in the “Digital learning in 21st Century Universities” panels held Oct. 20-21 in Atlanta.

The two-day workshop and seminar at the Georgia Institute of Technology were part of France-Atlanta 2014, a two-week overview of Franco-American collaborations in business, education, culture and humanitarian pursuits.

“This subject was chosen because it’s a very current topic in which the U.S. and French approaches could be complementary and enrich each other through cooperation projects,” said Anne Corval, attaché for science and technology at the Consulate General of France and co-organizer of the event.

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