Education Series: Teaching students about humanitarian work in the francophone world


Atlanta is home to a number of international NGOs and humanitarian organizations that do work among the world’s francophone regions, which account for more than 220 million people.

Representatives from organizations such as the Peace Corps and Carter Center present how they use the language as part of France-Atlanta’s annual Education Series, which takes place in high school and university French classrooms. Students simultaneously learn about global humanitarian affairs in the Caribbean, West Africa, parts of Asia and other areas, as well as gain an understanding of how a second language opens exciting career paths at home and abroad.

French teachers looking to inspire their students and teach them about how French is a useful real-world skill, can email the consulate’s deputy culture attaché at

When: October 24 – November 7, 2018
Where: Participating Metro Atlanta Schools

This series is organized by the French Consulate General in Atlanta, in conjunction with participating nonprofits and humanitarian organizations.