“”10 in America” — 10 cities, 10 films, one America”

Hannah E. Jones – Saporta Report
September 23, 2022

French artist Valerie Massadian wants to see Atlanta — really see it — in all its glory and hardship, its beauty and filth. She’ll be taking her camera to our streets, walking through the city to peel back its layers and document what’s underneath. 

Massadian, an award-winning franco-armenian photographer and filmmaker, is visiting Atlanta for the first time in preparation of making a short film for “10 in America.”

Villa Albertine, a new French art institution, hosted Massadian on Sept. 22 to introduce her to some of Atlanta’s art enthusiasts and screen three of her short films. The event was held at Atlanta’s new Franco-German Cultural Center at Peachtree Center, the only one in North America.

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