Raising Awareness Among Local High Schools About NGO Work

When: October 25-November 10, 2012
Where: Participating high schools

NGO high school presentations retour table matiere

What can I do with my French? What are the pressing needs in the humanitarian field? How can I make a difference in the world?

Beginning October 25 through November 10, 2012, representatives from the Carter Center, the Peace Corps, and CARE will give presentations to students in several Metro Atlanta High Schools within the framework of France-Atlanta 2012. Many of these representatives, while in the field, use the French language on a regular basis for their humanitarian activities in West Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.

This series of presentations will not only raise awareness among young people on current humanitarian issues and the incredible work of volunteers in the field, but they will also help students discover one of many concrete ways to use the French language.

Last year, over 1,200 students participated in the humanitarian presentations that were organized during France-Atlanta 2011. After an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response by students, teachers, and humanitarian representatives alike, France-Atlanta is thrilled to expand the number of schools reached thanks to the generous support of the Carter Center, Peace Corps, and CARE volunteers.

The Contest retour table matiere

To prepare for the NGO presentations (October 25- November 10), we launched a large contest for high school students last spring 2012 on the theme of the fight against poverty and the promotion of human rights. Students were invited to participate via video, text, or comic, exploring the questions: “Define what the term poverty means to you. Do you think that you would have a different definition if you lived on another continent? What do you think we can do on a local and international level to fight against poverty?”

The level of participation was outstanding! We received over 70 projects from about 15 high schools from across Georgia.

The grand prize went to Campbell High School student Tyler Keegan, who submitted a very thoughtful, well-written essay that reflected the innovative aspect that France-Atlanta embodies. As our grand prize winner, Tyler Keegan received an educational trip to France, focusing on human rights, from July 6-16, 2012 sponsored by the Institut Français and the Foreign Affairs Ministry (Allons en France program). He will also share his experiences in some of the local high schools during the NGO presentations that will be given between October 25-November 10.

Runners up were Nari Lee, from Chattahoochee High School and Cristian Escalera, from Valdosta High School, respectively for their video and comic book projects.

Read/view the winning entries here.

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