Photonics, Materials, Nanotechnology and Applied Robotics

When: December 1, 2010, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Where: Manufacturing Research Center (MaRC), Georgia Institute of Technology (813 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332).

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Dr. Pierre Guillon, Head of the Institute of Technologies, Information Sciences and Engineering (INSIS-CNRS) and Dr. Abdallah Ougazzaden, Director of Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL) in Metz, have designed a wide-ranging symposium including photonics, hyper frequency, nanotechnology and smart home robotics.

December 1 - Morning session:

A keynote presentation will be delivered on each topic by three French and American experts on:

1) Photonics and hyper frequency;
2) Nanotechnology and new materials;
3) Robotics and smart home.

December 1 - Afternoon session:

The workshop will embrace the start of collaborations between CNRS/INSIS laboratories in France and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Discussion will focus on CNRS/INSIS and Georgia Institute of Technology: cooperation, identification of joint research projects, constitution of future group projects, programs of work, co-financing of doctoral and post-doctoral positions.

December 2 - Morning session:

Conclusions and conducting remarks. End of the workshop by Steve McLaughlin/P. Guillon/A. Ougazzaden.

Contact: Jacqueline Signorini, Scientific Attaché

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