Raising Awareness Among Local Students About NGO Work

When: October 23-November 10, 2013
Where: Participating Metro Atlanta high schools and universities

What can I do with my French? What does an NGO do and how can I orient my studies to make a difference in the world?

France-Atlanta 2013 was proud to partner with the Carter Center and the Peace Corps to present another series of presentations designed to answer these questions and raise awareness about current humanitarian issues.

Many non-government organizations (NGOs) use the French language on a regular basis for their humanitarian work in Asia, the Caribbean and Africa in particular. From October 23-November 10, representatives from the Carter Center and the Peace Corps shared their field experience with students of French from participating Metro Atlanta high schools and universities. Students had the opportunity to learn about the activities of these organizations and discover new ways to view the world and the French language.

This event was organized with the support of Africa Atlanta, a city wide year-long celebration of cultural and economic bonds among African, European, and American cultures in Atlanta.

With the support of:

cartercenter peacecorps