Investing in France - Focus on the Lorraine

Where: November 30, 2010, 2:00 p.m.-4:30 pm.
When: The Frank Gordy Room–Wardlaw Center, Georgia Institute of Technology (177 North Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30332).

France is the third top destination in the world for foreign investment. In 2009 alone, 20,000 foreign companies chose France to invest about $65 billion. This result was only topped by the United States and China.

On the occasion of France-Atlanta, Philippe Yvergniaux, Director of Invest in France Agency in North America will present the attractiveness of France and current opportunities in the French market to potential investors.

This presentation will be completed by a special focus on the Lorraine region by Jean-Yves Le DĂ©aut, Vice President of Lorraine, Georgia sister region where Georgia Tech established its campus: Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL). GTL has become a unique place where American and French scientists conduct joint research in numerous domains of applied physics. Many well-known international groups such as Areva, EADS, Imerys, Michelin, Total and Schlumberger are interested in the potential of these inventions of tomorrow.