Georgia Tech – CNRS Joint Research Laboratory

GT-CNRS UMI 2958 in the context of the 80th anniversary of France’s Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

This session celebrates the Georgia Tech-CNRS international research partnership (Unités Mixte Internationales – UMI 2958) within the framework of CNRS’s 80th anniversary. Started in 2006 on the Georgia Tech – Lorraine campus in Metz, France, the UMI has grown tremendously and made some important scientific contributions. The session will mark the dedication of the UMI-Atlanta office and the signature of an agreement between CNRS and the Institut Lafayette, the open innovation institute in optoelectronics located in Metz, France.

The French Centre national de la recherche scientifique is the largest governmental research organization in France and the largest fundamental science agency in Europe. It is organized into 10 Research Institutes. It has 36 joint international research laboratories in the world (UMI).

This event is by invitation only.