France-Atlanta Opening Ceremony: French-American Cooperation to Tackle Sustainable Development Challenges

Our opening ceremony will feature a conversation between French Ambassador Philippe Etienne and Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera, Ph.D. on how the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals can encourage French-American cooperation.

The Education Revolution: Brand new world or simply a better one for every individual?

In the past few years, the Ed Tech revolution has enabled unprecedented flexibility, personalized learning, high engagement at minimal cost. Come and join us to hear from those of leaders, from both France and Atlanta, each contributing and collaborating, to solve dramatic societal issues and give hope and a bright future to thousands of Atlanta residents and global citizens.

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on food consumption and food purchase habits: Short-term and long-term impacts

A panel of experts and professionals from the food industry representing all segments of the food chain, and from both sides of the Atlantic, will debate to determine if recent changes in food consumption and food purchase habits as a result of COVID-19 are structural or will be short-lived.

Fireside chat with Philippe Bourguignon, Vice Chairman of Revolution Places

During this fireside chat, Philippe Bourguignon, Vice Chairman of Revolution Places, will cover a range of timely topics including global business and societal trends, the digitalization of our world, the latest news regarding Transatlantic investment opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic, etc.